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June 22nd, 2017

12:22 pm - Oh Wow. I just stumbled across this site and it's got me all nostalgic!
I've been out of the fandom for years there's a couple fics I'd love to reread! And what the heck is this with Mirrormere? I was one of the original volunteers who was archiving off of the yahoo groups. Yes, I do mean it's been YEARS.

Okay, I'd love to reread the one where Viggo was a photographer hanging out in New Orleans and taking pictures of a group of street kids. Orlando was one of them and he and Viggo hook up but he's not allowed to take his picture ever. It's very moody and well written and Viggo does eventually fall to the temptation and without spoiling the ending, things don't go well after that. I believe it was called King of New Orleans.

And another one I was hooked on was from the From One to Another time period and it was Orlando and Sean Bean where they've been having a secret relationship all through filming. Sean only comes to him when he's drunk and so Orlando feels like he's ashamed he wants him but is willing to go along because he loves Sean so much. Things continue through premieres and back in London and they eventually get things straightened out and come out to the rest of the cast but it's a process. I don't remember the name of the fic but the yahoo user name of the writer was Velvetfancypants which always made me chuckle.

Anyway, here's hoping!

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June 13th, 2017

01:46 pm - Sad tale with happy ending
Hi guys,

I've been desperatly trying to find an old fic and thought id give it one last try here so here goes.
Its a VigOrli Christmas fic where they have broken up a while before.
Orlando arranges to visit with Henry at Viggo's house is order to see him and give him his Christmas presents.
Viggo answers the door and after an uncomfortable exchange they realise that Henry has set them up.
Orlando agrees to go in for a cup of tea bur leaves straight after saying "staying wont be good for me" as he's heart broken.
Viggo walks him back to his car and Orli gives him a photograph in a frams of Viggo sleeping. He took the picture when they were still together and he wanted Viggo to have it, he was going to give it to Henry to pass on for him,
They kiss and end up in bed together.
Henry and Christine come back later on in the Evening and bring dinner. Orli and Vig spend Christmas together and have their happy ending.

I really hope someone can help, it was a lovely fic.
Thanks sooo much guys,
Heres hoping,
Hugs Annie xxx

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