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January 2nd, 2012

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07:33 am - Fic!
Stories were exchanged :)

Incoming Fic

For Yuletide I received 90999 (a Texts from Last Night fic), by aron_kristina and Leonard's Very Bad Night by debirlfan (A Texts From Last Night/Big Bang Theory crossover Yuletide Madness treat). Whee!

For [ profile] viggorli_xmas I received Writing Through, by the wonderful [ profile] laeglass. As I suspected, my fic was written by someone who knew me well enough to give me the fic of my dreams. <3

Outgoing Fic!

For Yuletide, I wrote When You Find Yourself Wondering What Marjorie the Stuffed Chicken Would Do, You Know You're In Trouble, a Teachers episode coda that goes to the Kurt/Brian place.

For [ profile] viggorli_xmas I wrote One Wedding, Just One Wedding, featuring champagne blackout and Four Weddings and a Funeral references.

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