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February 6th, 2009

[info]mockturtletale02:32 pm
This is completely and entirely epic in every sense of the word. I love so many things about this, the fact that it goes on forever, how deliciously well it's written, the way you write the FOB boys in particular but really all of your characters, the origami unicorns, the QWERTY shelving system, the stupidly hot sex scenes and everything and anything else!

The relationship dynamics were amazing, I could never bore of reading Pete and Patrick's friendship the way you write it. I really liked your suggestion that Patrick is in fact as odd as Pete is - it's something that's never properly explored by fandom even though it's entirely possibly canon.

I've never once found Andy Hurley attractive but you've single-handedly changed that. The Patrick/Andy storeroom scene had me chewing on my own hands. I really liked the way vegan-ism and the straight edge lifestyle were aspects of the story that you maintained and explored without falling into the preach-y tone that a lot of authors fall into.

When I finished reading I felt like applauding or something equally as ridiculous! I'll definitely be delicious-ing and re-reading this piece. It was really incredibly well written, thank you for posting it.

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