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December 25th, 2008

[info]chaosmanor05:16 pm
[info]yuletide isn't letting me leave comments for the stories I received, so I'm going to post my comments here, in the hope my wonderful writers drop past and find them.

The Running Order
Fandom: Drop the Dead Donkey
Rating: PG?
Author: anon at this stage


~chortles with glee~

Thank you so much for this! They're all here, my favourite dysfunctional characters, and I loved every moment of this. It reads like a fragment of an episode, with the newsroom spirally towards its own death, doomed by Sally's promos. Adorable.

Cell Mates
Fandom: Askewnverse
Rating: PG?
Author: anon at this stage


Yes! Thank you, thank you. I love this, and you. It's the scene I always wanted, that my imagination has been inserting into the movie for me since the first time I saw Clerks 2, and you wrote it out perfectly. ~hugs you silly~

ETA: and the database is now stable enough for comments to be left. Yay!

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